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Handmade, Wood Fired Terra Cotta Tile Floors

Clay Floor Tile

Terracotta tile floors by BarroNica, often referred to as Saltillo tile, quarry tile, Spanish tile, or terra cotta Mexican tile, is of the highest quality in terms of both strength and color. All tile is handmade and wood fired. The clay tile comes in a wide variety of patterns including clay brick pavers, patio tile, interlocking pavers, and bullnose tile for steps and tile patio edges. We also carry Chicago brick and many other terra cotta flooring material appropriate to unique floor tile design.

Handmade Terracotta Clay Tile Roofs - Wood Fired

Clay Floor Tile

Roofing tile, made from the finest clay, sand, and volcanic topsoil, is available from BarroNica that will satisfy any designer's demand for antique tile roofs to new handmade two-piece mission tile roofs. Sometimes referred to as Spanish tile roofs or Mexican roof tile, these tiles offer the authenticity of a hand made product sought after by today's designers. BarroNica also offers other clay roof tile in a flat roof tile, red Roman roofing tile, and other roof tile configurations of both standard and custom design.

Reclaimed Antique Clay Roof Tile

Antique Reclaimed Clay Roof Tile

Our reclaimed roof tile, or antique tile roofing, is from old haciendas as well as buildings of  a variety of other uses and, in many cases, is over 100 years old.  Because of the different sources of this reclaimed antique clay roof tile, each pallet of tiles can vary widely in its color and patina of age.  It is this variation, as well as the actual agedness of the tile, that provides the level of authenticity inherent with this reclaimed roof tile.

Specialty Clay Floor Tiles and Decorative Floor Tile Design

In addition to the many standard floor tile designs offered by BarroNica, specialty tile designs are executed in response to client needs. This includes swimming pool tile, thin brick veneer, various kinds of brick paver tile, Chicago brick, terra cotta tile coping for pools, embossed terra cotta floor tile and virtually any other clay floor tile configuration imaginable. All tiles are made from the finest materials and wood fired in kilns that reach temperatures high enough to turn the clay-sand-volcanic topsoil mix into a mass that is on the verge of becoming molten. It is this high temperature and wood firing that gives BarroNica clay products their amazing beauty and exceptional hardness. All wood comes from a reforestation project on company-owned land nearby so that all energy used in the firing process is from a continually renewable fuel resource.

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